My name is Aaro Keipi, and I am a Finnish-American photographer who splits his time between Washington, DC and Helsinki, Finland. I enjoy mountains, road trips, and good teas. I’ve studied music (Chopin rocks my socks), and I try to keep up my piano playing skills while shooting for a living.

As far as photography goes, I started out taking landscape photos, and now that I shoot everything else, I like to still include the surrounding environment as much as possible. I also like to insert a healthy dose of fun into the shooting–I don’t want anybody to end up with boring wedding pictures, or pictures that look like everyone else’s. My ultimate goal is for you to have pictures that look as epic as your wedding day feels.

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P.S. I also shoot a lot of other stuff besides weddings. You can find those pictures here.


Photo by the fantastic Rebekah J. Murray