Jose and Machy are two amazing people. Jose is a Columbian-born pastor of a hispanic church in Virginia, and Machy is his soft-hearted Bolivian beauty. I’ve known both of them for a while–Jose was a regular breakfast/brunch buddy when I lived in Virginia, and I learned my first salsa moves from Machy (I wish I remember how they went!). They had a pretty obvious connection when I first met them a few years ago, so it was with great pleasure when I heard that they were engaged and wanted me to shoot the wedding.

It was refreshing to experience the differences that made this latin wedding so special–from the ceremony traditions to the salsa dancing at the reception to the hugging and the posing and the huge, smiling families who traveled from all over South/Central/North America to be there. Sure, the wedding starting 45 minutes late, but they got married, and nobody minded! 😀

Ceremony: Barcroft Bible Church in Fairfax, VA
Reception: Historic Rosemont Manor in Berryville, VA