Ever since a friend of a friend asked me to shoot their wedding many years ago (and I tried–really tried–to talk them out of it!), I’ve become hooked on the thrill and creativity involved in wedding photography. I love the anticipation, excitement, and one-of-a-kindness of the wedding day: from the pre-ceremony jitters to the ceremony to the party, it’s where I want to be. My favorite part, though, is meeting with a bride and groom, getting to know them, and figuring out how I can best bring out their personalities to make their wedding day story as perfect as possible.

Practically speaking, I split my time between Washington, DC and Helsinki, Finland. I enjoy mountains, road trips, and quality teas. I’ve studied music (Chopin rocks my socks), and I try to keep up my piano playing skills during my breaks from shooting and editing.

If any of this speaks to you, and you want to see if I’m free on your wedding day (or you just want to say hi!), please shoot me a message. You can also check out my pricing information here.


P.S. I also shoot a lot of other stuff besides weddings. You can find those pictures here.


Photo by the fantastic Rebekah J. Murray