Are you going to be in Washington D.C/Helsinki/Virginia on [insert date here]?

I spend most of my time in Finland, but I travel to the Washington D.C. area 4-5 times a year. And even if I don’t have a trip planned to your area around your wedding day, my schedule is flexible enough to usually make it work (unless I’m already booked), and all travel fees are included in my quoted prices.

For weddings outside of Helsinki or Washington D.C., there will be an additional charge for travel (mileage, hotel [if necessary], etc.).  Contact me for additional details.

What types of photography do you provide?

I shoot weddings, portraits, headshots, concerts, bands, editorial work, products, and corporate events. If it requires photography, chances are that I have done it and/or will be up to the challenge of doing it. Please contact me with any specific requests or details of your event, and I will get back to you ASAP with a quote.

Do you do engagement sessions?

I love shooting engagement pictures, though I do have one requirement: that they be neither dull nor predictable. 😀 The engagement session is a great place for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera and the photographer, and to make sure I’m the best fit for your wedding (chances are…yes!). Plus, if you book me for your wedding AND engagement session, you’ll get a discount!

What is your style?

There are many stylistic terms thrown around these days: you can hire a “photojournalistic” photographer; a “traditional” photographer, an “artistic photographer”; however, I don’t fit neatly into any of these boxes–I consider myself more of a scenic photographer who enjoys the epic shot without forgetting the fun factor. I have practiced landscape and nature photography from a young age, and I have incorporated that into how I shoot weddings and portraits. I take great pride in allowing my subjects to tell a story by fitting them into the larger context of things in a scenic way, and I incorporate elements of the photojournalistic, artistic, and traditional photographic styles in doing so. My ideal client hires me not because I’m the cheapest or most convenient; they hire me because I match their style. If you think I match your style, please contact me–I’d love to work with you.

Do you process/edit all your photos?

Yup! Processing is an essential part of being a photographer in the 21st century.  The way I process images greatly contributes to my pictures’ having a particular style that distinguish my work from other photographers. Every single picture you see on this site has been carefully processed for color, contrast, brightness, etc (I generally spend 30-40 hours processing the photos from each wedding). I am a perfectionist when it comes to processing–no picture will slip by unnoticed!  Every single picture that I provide a client will have undergone specific, custom treatment, and all the processing I do is included in any price that I give you.

How long have you been taking pictures? How did you get started?

I have a camera of some kind in my possession since the ripe young age of 13. As much as I loved photography, I never planned on making a living at it…until I was hired to photograph a friend’s wedding. The experience was thrilling and rewarding, plus everyone loved the pictures so much that I was hired for more weddings. Fast forward a few months, and I decided do it full time–and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

How much do you charge? What does your basic wedding package include?

Portraits and families: Portrait sessions start at $150 (or 150€ in Helsinki) for a 30-minute shoot.
Weddings: My wedding packages start at $2600 in Washington DC and 1200€ in Helsinki. All packages include 500+ full-resolution edited digital files. For more specific pricing, you can contact me to to get an accurate quote for your wedding day.

Will we meet before the wedding? 

I like to have a meeting at the booking stage before the wedding to discuss any pertinent questions from potential clients. If I am not in the area, meetings can be arranged through Skype. During the meeting, if you feel like we’re a good fit and you choose to hire me, we will agree to go over the wedding contract (which you can sign online) and you will make the first payments/booking fee after the contract is signed. Then, 1-2 weeks before the wedding, we can meet again to go over any final details and to make the second payment. Finally, unless you have additional questions or a desire to meet again, the next time I see you will be on your wedding day.

Do you have payment plans? How will we pay for our wedding photography?

For weddings, I require 30% of the total fee due at booking time and the remaining 70% due one week before the ceremony. Payments can be made by check, cash, bank transfer (in Finland), or paypal.

Do you charge sales tax?

I am required by VA law to charge sales tax of 6% for my photography services. The sales tax will be included in any quote I give, unless otherwise noted.

In Finland, ALV is included in the prices.

Do you offer wedding albums?

I do offer wedding albums! Contact me for specific details.

How long will it take until we get our pictures/albums?

My goal is to always have your pictures edited and delivered 4-6 weeks of your wedding date, though sometimes it will be much quicker. 😉

Can I make my own prints from the pictures you take?

Yes, you can make as many prints as you want from the images provided. Some photographers charge extra for prints, but it is my belief that these should be included, so you have complete freedom to order as many reprints of your own whenever you want.

Should I have one photographer or two for my wedding?

This generally depends on the size of the wedding and what you want photographed during the day. I recommend having a second shooter for weddings of 150+ guests, or if you want pictures of both the bride and the groom preparing before the ceremony. I have several very qualified photographers who are ready to help photograph your wedding if you choose to do so.

Also, if you would like the picture frame photo booth set up at your reception, a second photographer is required.

Do you eat during the reception?

Yes, I ask that a meal be provided during a wedding when guests are eating.

Any more questions?

Please contact me